Resale Checklist

Timeshare Resale Check list

  • The name, address, and phone number of the resort
  • The deed, and the contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the unit or interval you own
  • The financing agreement (if you still have a lien or loan)
  • Any title insurance information to identify clearly your particular interest or membership
  • The exchange company affiliation (RCI or II)
  • The amount and due date of your maintenance fees and taxes, and whether it has been paid for the current year
  • The date when a new owner can first make a reservation if your timeshare is a fixed week/unit or requires an advance reservation (a floating or flex-time timeshare)
  • Make copies of the Resorts Owner’s Association documents showing the resort’s rules and regulations, reservation rules and any other pertinent information that a new owner will need.

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